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Let´s revise the PAST PERFECT tense. Can you remember the structure?


 SUBJECT   +   HAD    +       PAST PARTICIPLE (-ED or third form)

HAD is the auxiliary verb:          They hadn´t been           /           Had they been?

When do we USE the past perfect?  

If several events happened in the past, the Past Perfect Tense shows us which event happened before the others. The important thing to notice is that the first event (earlier on the timeline) is finalised before the next one begins.

  I worked for IBM after I had studied IT    (first: I studied IT; then: I worked for IBM)



Now let´s practise with a few exercises:

EXERCISE 1    and     EXERCISE 2 .-  Past perfect form

EXERCISE 3 ,  EXERCISE 4  and EXERCISE 5-  Past perfect or past simple